Can I Sell My Travel Voucher?

Whether you end up with a travel voucher from COVID, a flight cancellation, or other circumstances, you might be wondering if you can sell it to get money back?
While most airlines will not exchange your voucher for cash, it is possible for you to sell your voucher and get cash for your airline voucher.  And keep in mind, if your voucher ultimately goes unused by the time it expires, that is free money for the Airline rather than for yourself!
Listing unwanted flight vouchers on the SpareFare marketplace is quick and has a high probability of selling for a great price.  

What Should I Check Before Listing My Voucher?

Before listing your travel credit for sale, here is a quick pre-flight checklist:

Is the flight voucher transferable: Airline credit vouchers can be transferred to another passenger, as long as the terms and conditions for the voucher allow for a third party to make a booking with it.  Check the voucher terms or the email you received from the airline to ensure other people can use your voucher.  If still in doubt, you can contact the airline directly. 

Expiration date:  Vouchers will most often have an expiration date, however, some vouchers may have no expiration date.  Also note that the expiration date might be a “book by” date, or “travel completed by” date.  

Any restrictions:  Some airline vouchers have restrictions on the types of flight, fare class, destinations, or transferability for flight credits.  Be sure to include any restrictions in your listing. 

Voucher credentials: Make sure you have the credentials to access your voucher.  Many vouchers will come with a voucher number and pin associated with them.  Some will require additional credentials, such as the name or email address of the voucher owner. 

Type of voucher:  Airlines often have different names for travel credits (Gift Card, Flight Credit, Coupon), but they generally mean the same thing.  Gift Cards are the most flexible, while vouchers issued across the different airlines will come with their specific terms and conditions. 

How Do I Sell My Airline Voucher To Someone Else?

To sell your voucher, you’ll need your voucher credentials, the voucher value, and the expiration date. You can find these details in the email you received from the airline containing your voucher confirmation.  
Here are the steps to sell your flight voucher online:
  1. List your travel voucher on SpareFare by completing the listing form for vouchers found here.
  2. After your voucher listing is complete, your offer will be live and you will begin to receive bids on your voucher which you can either accept or reject.
  3. Once you accept a bid on your voucher, you will submit the voucher details to SpareFare for us to validate them.
  4. After we have validated the authenticity and ownership of the voucher, we will provide the voucher credentials to the buyer. 
  5. You will be paid in 10 working days following the transfer of the voucher to the buyer.

That is all that is needed! Listing unwanted travel vouchers on the SpareFare will make you approximately 70% - 85% of the voucher value back and help someone else get a great deal on their flight.

How To List Your Voucher On SpareFare

Do I Need To Transfer The Ownership?

After selling a voucher, you do not need to transfer the name of the original voucher owner for a third party to use it.  There are some exceptions to that, but if a name transfer is necessary, it can be done on the airline’s website in a matter of minutes. 

Once someone has purchased your flight voucher, you will simply provide the credentials that can be used by the new owner for their flight purchase. 

Tips To Successfully Sell Your Airline Voucher

Now that you are ready to sell your voucher, here are some tips to ensure a successful sale. 

Appropriate discount:  People purchasing unused flight vouchers are looking for a deal.  That doesn’t mean you need to give your voucher away!  Check out what other comparable vouchers are selling for or fee free to ask what a fair value is.  The more flexible you are, the faster you can sell it. 

Communication:  You may start to receive bids pretty quickly, and communicating with potential buyers is highly beneficial.  You can communicate directly with buyers on your SpareFare dashboard to answer any quetions and complete the sale. 

Provide correct details:  Be clear about what the voucher can be used for, the expiration date, any restrictions, and how to redeem the voucher.

Get ready to negotiate: Negotiating is part of the fun!  You may get wide ranging bids. depending on your voucher, you may need to be flexible to make the sale, especially if there is not much time until the expiration date.

Popular Airline Vouchers

Here are some of the more popular airline vouchers to list for sale.  To see a full list, check out our voucher listing page

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is the national carrier of Ireland with plenty of international flights, which makes their vouchers a popular choice amongst travelers.   Aer Lingus vouchers are transferable and have plenty of buyers looking for them! 

Air Canada

Being the largest airline in Canada, Air Canada vouchers are highly sought after and are completely transferable.  Even better, most of their vouchers issued during COVID have no expiration date.  Selling your Air Canada eCoupons and Vouchers is a great way to get cash rather than letting it go to waste.  

British Airways

British Airways is the largest UK based airline offering international destinations.  Selling your BA voucher online allows you to easily transfer the voucher to the buyer so they can use it and you make some money back.  These vouchers are very popular on our marketplace.  


EasyJet is amongst the largest airlines out of the UK.  Their vouchers are transferable and come with a voucher pin and password that allows anyone to use them.  If you ended up with an EasyJet voucher, you can post them on SpareFare for a quick and easy sale. 

El Al Airlines

El Al is the largest Israeli based airline which offers flights all over the world.  For those that ended up with a flight voucher from El Al, selling them is quick and easy as they are fully transferable with only the voucher number and name of the owner required.  

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has three types of voucher options available: Flight Credit, LUV Voucher, and Gift Cards. All of these can be redeemed by someone else.   The Flight Credits can also be transferred to your own Rapid Reward account for added security. 

United Airlines

United Airlines offers two main types of voucher: Future Flight Credits and Travel Certificates.  United Travel Certificates are fully transferable, while Future Flight Credits must be issued before August 31st, 2021 for it to be transferable.  United Airlines vouchers are very popular and tend to sell quickly. 


Vueling vouchers are very popular and can be used by third parties by simply transferring your booking code and email associated with the voucher.  Just like British Airways, Aer Lingus, and Iberia, Vueling operated by the parent company International Airlines Group

Reasons To Sell Your Flight Voucher

There are several reasons you might end up with a voucher, and we have heard just about all of the reasons to want to sell them!
  • You had a cancelled flight for an airline that you know you will never use because it does not operate where you live. 
  • Your business trip was cancelled but you purchased non-refundable flights and hotels. 
  • You have a family emergency after you book a non-refundable trip so you can’t go on the trip anymore. 
  • Your flight was canceled due to a conflict or war in the destination country. 
  • You have an unused voucher laying around and you would just prefer to have some cash instead!

Ask Us Anything!

If you still have some questions on how to sell your travel voucher online, feel free to contact us or message us directly in the chat box at the bottom of the screen. 

SpareFare is the largest marketplace to sell unused vouchers, trusted by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  We provide a secure end-to-end experience to ensure your voucher is sold successfully!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my flight voucher online?

Yes, you can sell your flight voucher online as long as the voucher is transferable. Listing your voucher on SpareFare takes 5 minutes and can help you recover up to 90% of your voucher’s value in cash. 

How long does it take to sell my voucher?

Depending on the airline for the voucher, selling it can be a quick process.  For the large and popular carriers, you can sell your voucher within hours.  For more obscure airlines, it might take a couple of weeks.

Are flight vouchers transferable?

Yes, many vouchers are transferable for other passengers to make their bookings with.  All that is needed is to check the terms and conditions of the specific voucher, or contact the airline, to ensure the third parties are able to use it. 

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