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Tired of wasting money on unused flight tickets and hotel reservations? Fancy grabbing a bargain flight or a holiday package while also helping a fellow traveller in a tough situation? You have come to the right place!


At SpareFare, we believe that no opportunity should go wasted. And we want to inspire people to travel more. We connect people who have bought a flight ticket or a hotel reservation but cannot use it anymore, with people who are looking for plane tickets on sale and discounted hotel rooms. That’s right – you can resell your flight tickets as long as your airline or travel operator allows name changes! Luckily, there are more than 60 major airlines selling transferable plane tickets!

SpareFare was founded by three friends who travel often and have personally lost money on non-refundable transferable reservations. We wanted to banish that sinking feeling of frustration you get when you have already paid for your plane tickets when you realise you won’t be able to use them. So we decided to create a secure marketplace where you can sell your non-refundable travel online. For us, the concept of SpareFare makes perfect sense: someone with non-refundable airline tickets or hotel reservation will get a partial refund for them. And someone else will buy those unused plane tickets at second-hand prices! This will also reduce the number of empty seats on planes, and obviate the purchase of a yet another seat, so the environment benefits, too! 

It is a win-win-win-win situation!


If you think that it makes perfect sense too, why don’t you start with our registration page? You can’t use the service unless you are registered.


You probably have a ton of questions about how this is going to work – find the answers in the How It Works steps and videos on the home page or visit the FAQs page.


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SpareFare Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales with company number 09589491. We are also registered with the UK Government's Information Commissioner's Office under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do
SpareFаre has been helping travellers like you since 2016 and our customer reviews speak for themselves. To see all independently verified reviews, visit our Trustpilot page.

A great first experience, very reactive and professional

Nadia Maillard
The price was very competitive given how late I purchased the tickets. I like the fact that the original booking was not wasted and the seller could recover some of their money. Throughout the process, SpareFare team were very responsive and genuinely interested in helping me complete my journey. I will use this website in the future!

Great service, totally recommend it.

Gabriel Sauceda
5 Star Experience

The service is secure and I have no complaints!

Amanda Gordon
The SpareFare team were kind, understanding above all very responsive, which made the experience something I will do again.

Great concept and execution.

I’m a believer!

Tricia W
Excellent site and amazing customer service.

Ben Stolborg
Great service & helpful staff.

Atava Swiecicki
Honest team that wants to deliver good service

Jean Baptiste
Everything with SpareFare was perfect

Tom Corona
Great support, awesome service!

Nicole Elizabeth
The process was simple and as described. Always in communication with their team. Great service.

Alexander Atanasov
The SpareFare team were kind, understanding above all very responsive, which made the experience something I will do again.

Great experience! Everything went smooth and hassle free. The amazing thing? The follow up emails from the staff. They confirmed the ticket was valid, and provided updates up to making my reservation. 5 stars and they earned it.

Peter Flyer
I love SpareFare, not only do they offer amazing deals but their customer service is outstanding.

Liz I.
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