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What is SpareFare?
How it works?

Step 1: Over 40 airlines sell transferable flight tickets. They officially allow ticket name changes for a fee. Check if you can resell your flight. If your airline is not listed there, call their customer service to check if they will make an exception for you.


Step 2: Wait for an interested buyer to bid for your flight. There is no set asking price on SpareFare: buyers can place any bid that gives you some refund on the ticket - you may accept or reject them. Follow the link in the email we will send you and accept the bid if you are happy with it.


Step 3: The buyer confirms his bid and sends SpareFare the money.


Step 4: You transfer the flight in the name of the buyer.


Step 5: We transfer the money to you. If you have access to make further changes to the booking, we wait until after the flight's take-off date.


Step 1: Search for a flight or holiday offered for sale in the search box above.


Step 2: Place a bid for an offer you like. This first bid is not committing – you can use it to ask the seller questions about the offer. 


Step 3: Wait for the seller to accept your bid.


Step 4: Follow the link in the email we send you. Confirm your bid (this is when you commit to buy the flight) and send SpareFare the money. As part of our buyers' protection policy, we will not transfer the money to the seller before your flight date if they still have access to make further changes to the booking.


Step 5: The seller transfers the flight in your name and we send you the booking info.


Why SpareFare?

SpareFare provides fraud protection to both sides. As an intermediary, we will assist you if you have any questions, issues or concerns during the flight exchange process.


We are not going to ask you to transfer the flight in the buyer's name before we receive the money from the buyer. You also benefit from our buyer's protection as it is easier to find interested buyers when the transaction is risk-free. They are also likely to pay more as they won't be defrauded.


You can sell airline tickets using our free 5-minute standard form or use our quick 1-minute option (10% commission upon successful sale).


The bidding process helps you sell your flight at the best possible price at the time of the sale. The price is agreed in real time, taking into account the current price of the flight and the buyer's willingness to pay.


To help you transfer your flight, we have provided a lot of useful information about airlines' fees and their name change policies on our Airline Change Fees page.


Why SpareFare?

SpareFare offers fraud protection for both sides. As an intermediary, we will assist you if you have any questions, issues or concerns during the flight exchange process.


The airline tickets sold on SpareFare are cheaper than the ones offered by airlines and travel agents! You decide what discount from the current airline ticket's price you want when you bid for the flight!


We will not pay the seller until you verify that the flight has been transferred in your name and the seller cannot change it anymore*. This protects you from fraudulent sellers.


You help sellers receive a refund on airline tickets they cannot use while you get a bargain travel! It is a win-win situation!


If you buy on our platform, you help reduce the number of empty seats on flights. This improves efficiency and it is better for the environment!


* The airline account has been transferred so that the seller doesn't have access to the booking or we wait until after the take-off date of the flight.