How to Sell Your Unwanted Flight Tickets



Do you have a non-refundable flight you can no longer use? You may be able to recover some or all of your money by selling it to someone else!


Step 1Visit SpareFare and submit your details. Go to the home page on and click on Sell Flight Tickets. In the dropdown box, search for your airline. If you find it, it means that it is known to allow name changes. If you can’t find it or you get a message that they don’t officially (always) allow it, you should call their customer service to see if they will make an exception for you. It is always worth to check as even the strictest regular airlines sometimes allow it if you have special circumstances or you are a loyal client.


Step 2Choose the standard or assisted post method. You can list the flights yourself - it takes less than 5 minutes on average and our service is completely free! Alternatively, you can fill in the Assisted Post form. We will then find your booking and list the flight for you. We will also create a SpareFare account for you if you haven't registered already. 


Step3: If you have chosen to post the flight yourself, there are multiple information (“i”) circles with valuable guidance when you hover the mouse over or touch them (on mobile). If the name change fee structure is simple, our system will automatically fill out the fee. However, for some airlines, it is complex and not automated yet – you can find an extensive list and information on our Airline Fees page.


Step 4Buyers bid for your flight! You will receive an email when you have a bid. You are free to accept or reject the bid, or to offer an alternative price in the comment box.


Step 5A buyer pays for your flight and you transfer the ticket in their name. After you have accepted a bid, the buyer has to send SpareFare the agreed amount. When they do, you will receive an email that a final bid has been placed – follow the link in the email to find out the passenger names and accept the bid. For most airlines you can change the passenger names online – check our Airline Fees page to see the costs for online vs phone changes.

Step 6: Get paid! SpareFare will send you the money after you are no longer able to make changes to the reservation. In most cases, this will be after the last flight in the booking takes off. 



·        Keep an eye out for emails from SpareFare. Sometimes they go in your spam folder and this delays the sale process. 

·        Reply to bids promptly. Travellers will want to purchase your flights quickly. If you take too long, you may find out that the buyer has booked their flight elsewhere! 

·        Spread the word that you’re selling your flights via Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms! This will increase both your chances of selling and the money you receive (when more people bid for it)! 



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