Can I cancel my booking with Southall Travel?

Do you have to cancel your Southall booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking but you are not guaranteed any refund for the money you spent in making the original reservation. You must notify Southall of your decision to cancel as soon as possible. Any cancellation notification over the phone is not considered valid unless it is accompanied by a written notification or by email within 24 hours of notification. It is also important to note that any email received must be from the email ID registered with Southall at the time of booking, any other email address will be considered invalid. Any cancellation notice will only take effect on the date that it is received by Southall, not when it is sent by you.


After a request to cancel is processed you must receive a cancellation invoice with an additional fee within 7 days or else you will be subject to an increase in charges. If you are already in possession of your airline tickets, these must be returned to Southall along with the cancellation request. 


Below is an outline of the cancellation charges:

Period before departure in which you notify Southall Cancellation Charge
57 days or more Loss of deposit
56 - 29 days 50% of total holiday cost
28 - 15 days 65% of total holiday cost
14 - 4 days 80% of total holiday cost
Less than 4 days 100% of total holiday cost

Any insurance premiums and amendment charges purchased through Southall are non-refundable under any circumstances. Additionally, certain travel arrangements cannot be changed or cancelled after they have been confirmed without incurring a 100% cancellation charge. If you have purchased the full insurance offered by Southall, this only covers loss of deposit and additional cancellation fees, not the cancellation charges; and this insurance does not cover all travel arrangements. If only some members of the booking party wish to cancel, then the remaining members are held responsible for the remaining charges.


Can I cancel my Southall reservation within 24 hours of booking?

Yes, but you will be faced with 100% of the booking cost as well as any extra cancellation fees outlined in the terms & conditions.


How do I cancel my Southall reservation within 24 hours of booking?

Step 1: Notify Southall as soon as possible by calling Customer Service


Step 2: Send an email confirmation or a written document to validate your cancellation. Include the airline tickets in your cancellation request


Step 3: Wait for a cancellation invoice within 7 days to confirm your cancellation


Step 4: Be prepared to pay for the cancellation charge as well as any other additional fees


How can I change my Southall booking?

Any amendment to your already confirmed booking will be considered, but it is not guaranteed. Any amendment request must be made in writing by the person who made the original booking from the email ID registered with Southall at the time of booking. There is an amendment fee of 

£100.00 per person and you will be held responsible for any other amendment charges the airline, hotel, or holiday package requires.


However, if any member of the booking party is prevented from travelling, you may transfer the ticket to someone else as long as the following conditions have been met: that person is introduced by you; you notified Southall at least 7 days before departure; you pay the remainder of your balance, an amendment fee of £100.00, any additional charges; and the transferee agrees to the contract made with Southall. After a change is made, you and the transferee will remain jointly responsible for the payment of all sums.


To change the date, time or destination of your Southall reservation, follow these steps:

Step 1: Submit a request for a change to your reservation by emailing Southall from the email ID that was registered at the time of booking

Step 2: Wait to hear back from Southall as to whether or not they are able to process your request

Step 3: Pay the amendment fee of £100.00 per person, as well as any other costs incurred while making the alteration


Sell your holiday to someone else and get your refund that way


If you feel like cancelling or changing your holiday costs too much, you’re right! Do you know that you can sell your holiday to someone else and receive your refund that way? All you need to do is change the names on your reservation to the person you are selling it to and pay the associated name change fees. 


If you have a package holiday but cannot change the name of the flight, you can still change the name on the hotel booking and at least sell that. It is still much better than paying 100% cancellation charges!  


Southall name change policy

Southall’s name change policy states that if you wish to make amendments to your booking, and your hotel accommodation and airline allow it, then you may change the name on the booking. Any amendments to the booking however, will be subject to a name change fee specific to the hotel and airline you booked as well as a £100.00 amendment fee put in place by Southall.


How can I change the name on a Southall reservation?

Step 1: Ensure that it is at least 7 days before departure

Step 2: Request a name change by emailing Southall from the email that was registered at the time of booking

Step 3: Ensure that the transferee fits the criteria to take over the ticket

Step 4: Pay any outstanding balances, including a £100.00 per person amendment fee

Step 5: The transferee must agree to the Booking Conditions with Southall


Can I sell my Southall booking?

Yes, you can! As long as the flight and hotel reservation allow for name changes then a simple change of name is all it takes in order to be able to re sell your booking. You may be faced with the amendment fee specific to your hotel on top of any airline charges.


But did you know that under the Package Travel Directive, which applies in the whole of the European Union, travel agents have to allow name changes for package holidays? A package holiday is anything where you buy two combinations of travel bookings - like a hotel and a flight. Southall has to allow you to transfer the holiday in another person's name. 


Where can I sell my Southall booking?

You can sell your holiday on SpareFare. We are like eBay for travel reservations, with the added benefit of secure transfers and expert customer support. Click here to sell your holiday.

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