Can I cancel my Booking?

Do you have to cancel your booking?


Lastminute’s cancellation policies are very convoluted and they do not display their terms and conditions on their website clearly. Instead, they ask you to refer to the terms and conditions in your booking confirmation email. This means that their cancellation policies will be different for different types of bookings. This is because Lastminute serve as an agent connecting you to various flights and hotels, and all of these different travel providers have their own cancellation policies.


In short, you now need to check the terms and conditions in your booking confirmation email. We can offer you some general holiday cancellation advice below, but please note that your circumstances may be slightly different. The rules also differ depending on whether you booked only a flight, just a hotel or a package holiday with a flight and a hotel included.


You will always be allowed to cancel your booking but you are not guaranteed any refund for the money you spent in making the original reservation. In fact, you may also be subject to additional administration fees charged by your hotel and airline. On top of this fee, you will also have to pay an amendment fee of £45 per person.



Can I cancel or change a flight I booked with


If you purchased a flight through they will allow you to cancel or make changes to the booking only if your airline allows it. They will also charge you an amendment fee of £45 per person for any modifications, changes or cancellations to fares. This fee is also charged in cases of airport tax refunds, when the fare is non-refundable. Any booking fees or credit card charges are non-refundable.


To check whether you can cancel your flight or make any changes (like flying on different dates or from different airports), you have to check your booking confirmation email. You can also call Lastminute directly on 0871 277 1070 but this will cost you 13 pence per minute or you can log into your online account and make changes to your booking from there.


Did you know that you have an alternative to cancelling your flight? You can sell it to someone else and get your refund that way. Your flight is transferable if your airline allows passenger name changes. You can check here to see if your airline allows name changes. If it does, it will charge you a name change fee. SpareFare can help you find a buyer and sell your flight. If your airline does not allow name changes, you will not be able to sell your flight.


Lastminute also offer 'full-flex' travel insurance for flights. You can only purchase it at the time of booking and cannot add it later. If you have that, you can cancel your flight up to 48 hours before you fly and you will be reimbursed 90% of the cost of the flight.


Can I cancel or change a hotel reservation I booked with


The rules of your booking are governed by the cancellation policies of the hotel you booked with, and they are different for different hotels. After you have made a confirmed reservation with a hotel through, if you wish to cancel or change the booking will do everything they can to accommodate your request but there is no guarantee that it will be possible. If you booked the cheapest rate, most of the time your booking is non-refundable. If you are allowed to cancel, most hotels have a penalty or cancellation fee for any changes or cancellations to reservations. Lastminute’s customer services team will advise you if you have to pay any hotel fees. In addition, you have to pay a £20 administration fee charged by that is per change per person. Additionally, any cancellation made by you must be sent to in writing.



Can I cancel or change a holiday package I booked with

A holiday package is any two travel arrangements purchased together (like flight and hotel, flight and car hire or hotel and car hire). If you wish to cancel or change your travel arrangements for any reason you must notify in writing. The cancellation will only deem to occur on the date that receives the cancellation request so it is advisable you use recorded delivery. You will also be liable for an administrative cost of £45.00 per person per booking, for both cancellations as well as changes. Although cancellations may vary by holiday package, if you have already received tickets then you will most likely result in a loss of 100% of the total cost of all travel arrangements. name change policy’s name change policy states that if you wish to make amendments to your booking, and your hotel accommodation and airline allow it, then you may change the names of the passengers for your trip. Any amendments to the booking however, will be subject to an amendment fee by per person, which is £45.00 per person per booking. You are also responsible for paying any of the fees that the accommodations or airline subject to you.


Can I sell my booking and get a refund?

Yes, you can sell your holiday to someone else and get a refund that way! As long as the flight and hotel reservation allow for name changes then a simple change of name is all it takes in order to be able to resell your booking.


Where can I sell my booking?


You can sell your holiday on SpareFare. We are like eBay for travel reservations, with the added benefit of secure transfers and expert customer support. Click here to sell your holiday, to sell your flight or to sell your hotel reservation

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