Can I cancel and get a refund from the hotel I booked through Trivago?


Trivago is only a search engine that helps you to compare deals across many different travel booking sites. When you find a booking on Trivago, it sends you to the seller’s website to complete your purchase. Because the site does not process any purchases of your travel, you will have to cancel your accommodation directly with the site that you purchased your accommodation from. Whether you are able to cancel or not will depend on the terms and conditions of the supplier of your accommodation and/or the site you bought from your booking from. 


Trivago works with many suppliers to help you compare deals. These suppliers include online travel agencies, hotel chains and independent hotels. Here is a list of the most common suppliers that Trivago connects you with. If you have booked an accommodation with one of the following sites and need assistance on cancelling, changing or getting a refund from your booking, we have provided links to our blog posts that will take you through the process and help you get a refund for your purchase. 


Trivago’s Top Booking Sites:




I cannot cancel my Trivago hotel because the room is non-refundable. What do I do?

Did you know that you can sell your hotel booking to another traveller and receive your refund that way? All you have to do is change the name on your reservation to the person who is buying the hotel accommodation from you. It won’t cost you anything and you can recover some or all of the money you paid for your booking. Hotels allow you to change the name of the main guest under the reservation, which is how a booking is transferred from one person to the other.


I want to sell my hotel but I don’t have anyone who wants to buy it.


Luckily,  is one step ahead of you. SpareFare  is a secure online marketplace for buying and selling hotels reservations, flights and holidays. We are like eBay for travel with the added benefit of secure exchanges and expert customer support. Sell your hotel reservation here on SpareFare.

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