Can I cancel my Virgin Holidays Booking?

Do you have to cancel your Virgin Holidays booking?


Yes, you can cancel your Virgin Holidays booking; however, there will be significant charges for cancellations. Such cancellations can be as much as 100% of the original reservation. Any refunds you may be subject to will only be made to the credit card on file that was used in the original booking. Virgin Holidays stresses the importance of purchasing insurance when making a booking, because it covers the loss of deposit as well as the cancellation charge, but adequate insurance can be pretty costly and is non-transferable if you wish to transfer your holiday to another person.


How much you get back from your cancelled holiday depends on when you notify Virgin Holidays about the cancellation. 

Period before departure within which notice of cancellation is received by us in writing % of the total booking price you can recover
More than 84 days Loss of Deposit
57-84 days 30%
37-56 days 50%
22-36 days 70%
7-21 days 90%
Less than 7 days 100%

Sometimes Virgin Holidays increases your deposit amount because they pass on cancellation charges from other suppliers onto you. These unexpected, additional charges are non-refundable as well. 


If you had booked a cruise, any cancellation will have additional cancellation fees from the cruise line that you will be responsible for. No refunds for any trips will be given unless the unused tickets are returned to Virgin Holidays along with the cancellation payments. If only some members of the party wish to cancel, then the remainder of the group will be responsible for paying extra room charges.


Do you think that that’s quite expensive? Do you want to recover more from your cancelled holiday? Many people are not aware of this, but you have an alternative to cancelling your booking – sell it to another person and get your refund that way. If this sounds like the better option, read the last section below ‘Can I sell my Virgin Holidays booking’. If you don’t have a friend to sell the holiday to, SpareFare can help you find a buyer.


Can I cancel my Virgin Holidays reservation within 24 hours of booking?


Yes, but you will be charged with 100% of the booking value as well as any administrative or cancellation fee.


How do I cancel my Virgin Holidays reservation within 24 hours of booking?

Step 1: Call Virgin Holidays customer service directly

Step 2: Request a cancellation through Virgin Holidays email: [email protected]

Step 3: Wait for confirmation from Virgin Holidays and be prepared to pay a cancellation fee


How can I change my Virgin Holidays booking?

Only one change of departure date per booking is allowed, given availability. However, any changes to the departure date will be considered a cancellation and the traveller will be faced with full cancellation charges in addition to administrative fees of £50 per person and a new deposit per person to secure the new departure date. Any further changes to the booking, after the first amendment will be treated as a cancellation. In some cases, certain bookings cannot be amended at all and any alteration will be considered a cancellation and you will be held responsible for the full cost of the original booking, any cancellation fees, as well as the full cost of a brand new booking. Virgin Holidays also reserves the right to increase the administrative fee per person if the amendments are not minimal.


To change the date, time or destination of your Virgin Holidays reservation, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in to your booking using your booking reference, the surname of the lead passenger, and the lead passenger’s date of birth

Step 3: Manage your booking once logged in

Step 4: Wait for confirmation from Virgin Holidays as to whether or not your booking amendment was accepted or denied

Step 5: Be prepared to pay an amendment fee


Virgin Holidays name change policy

Do you know that you can change the name of the person who is travelling and sell your own holiday to someone else? That way you might be able to recover much more than simply cancelling your booking. Virgin Holidays does allow for name changes on bookings, but there will be an amendment fee. However, is the name change request occurs within 48 hours of the date of departure then it is not guaranteed and you will still be held responsible for the full cost of the flight. If you wish to change all names on a reservation this is considered a cancellation and new booking, thus you will be charged the cancellation fee along with the price of a whole new booking. Transferring one booking to another person is allowed, as long as they satisfy all the conditions for that booking and give notice at least 7 days before departure. Both the past and new traveller are responsible for paying all costs of the booking, including an administrative fee of £50 per person.


How can I change the name on a Virgin Holidays reservation?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in to your booking using your booking reference, the surname of the lead passenger, and the lead passenger’s date of birth

Step 3: Request a name change

Step 4: Wait for confirmation from Virgin Holidays that your request was accepted and prepare to pay a name change fee


Can I sell my Virgin Holidays booking?

Yes, you can! As long as the flight and hotel reservation allow for name changes then a simple change of name is all it takes in order to be able to re sell your booking. You may be faced with an amendment fee of £50 per person on top of any airline charges.


But did you know that under the Package Travel Directive, which applies in the whole of the European Union, travel agents have to allow name changes for package holidays? A package holiday is anything where you buy two combinations of travel bookings - like a hotel and a flight. Virgin Holidays has to allow you to transfer the holiday in another person's name. 


Where can I sell my Virgin Holidays booking?


You can sell your holiday on SpareFare. We are like eBay for travel reservations, with the added benefit of secure transfers and expert customer support. Click here to sell your holiday.



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