Can I cancel my airBaltic flight?


Can I cancel my airBaltic flight? Can I get a refund for my airBaltic flight?



  • the tickets are fully refundable

  • cancellation is allowed anytime within the validity period* of the ticket

    • *Ticket validity:

      • Completely unused ticket: 1 year from the ticket issue date

      • Partially used ticket: 1 year from the date of the first flight


  • if booking is cancelled before flight departure a refund fee of 50 EUR per direction applies

  • in case of no-show ticket is non-refundable**

    • **If you wish to cancel your booking and there are less than 72 hours left until the scheduled departure of your flight please contact our Call centre.


  • only taxes are refunded

  • refund request must be made within the validity period of the ticket


Flight date/time cancellation can be done by submitting a request through our online payment form.


Passengers in possession of roundtrip tickets who have flown or are planning to fly one way only and wish to receive a refund for the unused part of the ticket, please make sure that the ticket type supports cancellation with refund. In such cases the value of the used portion of the ticket will be recalculated to reflect the price of a one-way ticket, and the remaining difference will be refunded after subtracting any cancellation fees, if applicable to the particular ticket type.



Cancelling a trip due to illness

  • For a non-refundable fee of only 5.99 EUR per passenger per flight segment you can purchase the possibility to get a refund of your ticket (flight + taxes + fuel surcharge) in case of acute illness on the day of the scheduled departure. This service can only be purchased at the time of booking flights on or while booking flights via the airBaltic call centre.

  • Cancellation has to be made PRIOR to the scheduled departure time stated on your booking confirmation!

  • A flight cancellation request has to be sent to [email protected]. You are required to send a doctor's note to airBaltic in Latvian, Lithuanian, English, Russian, Estonian or German confirming your illness on the day of departure and your booking confirmation number.


Can I change my airBaltic booking?

Yes, you can change your airBaltic booking. Changes allowed include date and time changes of the flight. However, route or destination changes are not permitted. Booking changes and fees depend on the ticket type selected. Please find a detailed description below.


  • Business

    • flight date/time changes allowed anytime

    • free of charge

    • If the flight date change involves a booking class upgrade (ie: same booking class is not available on the selected date) you will have to pay the fare difference as well

  • Premium

    • 70 EUR fee per one-way journey for flight date/time change

    • changes are allowed prior to the scheduled or desired departure time, whichever is earliest

    • If the flight date/time change involves a booking class upgrade (ie: same booking class is not available on the selected date) you will have to pay the fare difference as well

    • The ticket type change fee per one-way journey is 70 EUR, plus the fare difference.

  • Basic


PLEASE NOTE: All services purchased together with your ticket will be transferred to the new flight, except for travel insurance. To change the dates for this service or cancel it please follow the insurance policy terms and conditions.


Can I change the name on my airBaltic booking?

Yes! If you’re travelling with airBaltic, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. Please find the fees below for your relevant fare type.


What do you do if you don’t know who to transfer it to? You can list your booking on SpareFare! SpareFare is a platform which allows you to sell your unused flights to other people and recover some of the money you had paid for the flights. SpareFare provides buyers and sellers fraud protection to ensure security.


Name change is allowed as follows:

  • Basic – not allowed.

  • Premium – for a fee of EUR 70* per ticket.

  • Business – free of charge at any time with no additional charges.

*If the original booking fare is available at the time of change. The difference in price between the original fare and fuel surcharge tax and the potentially higher fare and fuel surcharge tax if the original booking fare is not available at the time of the name change must be paid by the passenger. The fare difference is calculated taking into account the prices available through our global reservation system, not the airBaltic website.


Name correction

  • In case your name has been misspelt (up to 3 letters), please contact airBaltic for corrections (the service is available for all ticket types). A name correction fee of EUR 50 may apply.

Adult + infant ticket

  • If the name which needs to be changed applies to an adult travelling with an infant, the infant is exempt from the name change fee.

Name change due to marriage or divorce

  • Name change due to marriage or divorce is permitted free of charge if the passenger can present official documents confirming the change of name has taken place after the ticket was purchased.


Where can I sell my airBaltic flight?

You can sell your flight on SpareFare. We are like eBay for travel reservations, with the added benefit of secure transfers and expert customer support. Click here to sell your flight.


In this blog post, you can learn more about how selling your flights on SpareFare works.

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