British Airways Extends Deadline For Unused Vouchers

British Airways has once again extended the expiration date of eVouchers by a year, to September 30th, 2025. 
This means, if you had an unused voucher that was set to expire in September 2024, you now have an additional 12 months to book your travel with it. 

British Airways, and parent company International Airlines Group (IAG), originally set the deadline for all vouchers issued during the pandemic to expire in September 2023. 

But the company came under scrutiny as their latest annual report disclosed an unused voucher balance of €645 million.  This would have become a massive windfall for British Airlines, at the expense of consumers that opted for a travel voucher rather than a refund. 

Keep in mind that when the IAG refused to initially offer refunds during the pandemic, it was effectively receiving a zero interest loan provided by the customers of the airlines via flight vouchers.  However, a loan, by definition, needs to be repaid… 

That is why we urge affected consumers to make use of their voucher, or sell it on the SpareFare marketplace to recover a significant portion of the value. 

Pro Tip:  Travel must be booked and completed by the expiration date, as opposed to simply booked before the expiration date with flexibility to travel after. 

Selling Your Unused British Airways Voucher

The good news is that British Airways vouchers are fully transferable if you are not able to use the eVoucher prior to the September 30th, 2025 deadline.  

Selling your voucher on SpareFare is a quick and secure method to get most of your money back.     

Simply head to the voucher listing page, and follow the instructions to post your voucher for sale.  Once it is sold, there is no name change required.  SpareFare will transfer the voucher credentials to the buyer, and you will receive the proceeds in your local currency. 

How To Check The Balance Of Your BA Voucher

Future Travel Vouchers were issued during the COVID pandemic, however, most have now been converted to eVouchers. 

If you are not sure whether you have an outstanding voucher, or you simply want to check the existing balance, you can use the British Airways Voucher Management Tool

It will not show you the balance right on the website, but you will enter the email address associated with the voucher.  The email is generally the one linked to your Executive Club account.  If you booked the flight for another passenger, you will need to enter their email address. 

You will then receive an email containing all of the voucher information, including the outstanding balance. 

Note that since BA is still updating the system, it may take some time for your voucher’s expiration date to reflect the correct 2025 date rather than 2024.  If you have any doubts, you can contact British Airways directly to confirm. 

We are hopeful that British Airways will continue to provide additional resources to help long suffering customers make use of their vouchers.  Nonetheless, whether the deadline gets extended again beyond 2025 remains to be seen.  

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