Can you cancel your Finnair flight and get a refund?


Can I cancel my Finnair flight?

Do you have a flight with Finnair that you can no longer use? Plans change, we know. We help many travellers like you recover money from their non-refundable flights every year. 


Can I cancel my Finnair flight and get a refund?

If you made your reservation seven days or more prior to the flight's scheduled departure time, you can cancel it within 24 hours without a refund fee. 

  • If you purchased Finnair Cancellation Cover, this allows you to cancel your flight and apply for a refund in case you cannot travel due to sudden sickness or accident to you or a close family member. 

  • Cancellation Cover applies to the original flight fare and any additional travel extras provided by Finnair for those passengers that are not able to travel. If the sickness or accident occurs after the departure flight, the Cancellation Cover covers the price of the return flight or the equivalent amount of the total flight fare. 

  • The imperative nature of the cancellation is always assessed based on medical reasons. Please note that you must provide a valid medical certificate along with the refund application form.



Most of the unused taxes and fees are refundable, but there are some exceptions:


  • Refund fee is £40

  • Service fees and credit card fees are not refundable.

  • Insurance and Fuel Fee is not refunded if you have chosen a ticket type that is non-refundable.

  • You can claim a refund of a ticket issued by Finnair by filling in the refund form. If you purchased the flight ticket from another airline or from a travel agent, please contact them for the refund.

  • If you have already used your flight ticket or travel extra but you wish to receive a refund due to a delayed flight, for example, fill out this form.

  • If you have purchased a Finnair Cancellation Cover and you wish to apply for a refund, please fill out the Finnair Cancellation Cover refund application form.

  • You must cancel your reservation before applying for a refund. You can cancel your reservation here or through Finnair Customer care.

  • The refundable amount depends on your ticket type. If you are entitled to a refund, it will be calculated according to Finnair’s fare rules. If you want to know the exact amount before cancelling the ticket, please contact Finnair Customer care.


Can I change my Finnair booking?

Finnair allows you to change the time, date, or destination of your flight. However, Finnair advises that you check your ticket type and its conditions to make sure you are eligible to make changes. If your ticket type allows you to change the date and/or time of your flight, you can do it through Manage booking. If you want to change the routing, please contact Finnair by phone


Can I change the name on my Finnair booking?

Yes! However, Finnair advises that check your ticket type and its conditions to make sure you are eligible to make name changes. According to the ticket rules, name change is allowed for the following tickets types: Business, Business Saver, PRO and Value. The following fees apply to name changes based on Europe as the origin:


Travel within Europe

  • 75 EUR

Travel outside of Europe

  • 200 EUR


Name change fees apply to your whole journey, not per leg of the trip. So the fee is the same for a one-way and for a return flight. In addition, you will not be asked to pay the fare difference when making changes so the fees listed above are all you are going to pay. If your origin is different, please visit Finnair’s name change page for fees relevant to your ticket. 


Where can I sell my Finnair flight?

You can sell your flight on SpareFare. We are like eBay for travel reservations, with the added benefit of secure transfers and expert customer support. Click here to sell your flight.


In this blog post, you can learn more about how selling your flights on SpareFare works.

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