Can I cancel my Vueling flight?


Can I cancel my Vueling flight?

The terms and conditions of Vueling fares do not include the possibility of refund or cancellation. However, you can change the name of the ticket holder or the date and time at an additional cost so you won't lose your tickets, via the Change Your Flight section.


Can I change my Vueling booking?

Yes! You can change the date or time of your flight up to 1 or 2 hours before departure, depending on how you choose to change your booking. Fees will be dependent on fare types.


Fare types:

Basica, Optima, and Family fares

  • From €50 per passenger/each way + fare difference

Basica, Optima, and Family fares with FlexFly Service

  • No charge

TimeFlex fare

  • Unlimited changes + fare difference


How can I change my Vueling booking?

You can change the flight here or...

  • In the Change of flight section on the website or app up to 2 hours before departure.

  • By calling Vueling’s  Customer Services Centre up to 2 hours before departure.

  • At an airport Ticket Office, up to 1 hour before departure.


Can I change the name on my Vueling booking?

Yes! If you’re travelling with Vueling, you can transfer your ticket to someone else.

You can change the name of the ticket holder up to 2 hours before the departure of the flight, providing none of the flights in the booking have been completed.


The change of name on flights operated by Vueling can be done free of charge through their website within 24 hours of making the booking. You only pay the fare difference, if any. However, after the 24 hour time period, a fee will be charged starting from €50 per passenger/each way + fare difference.

If it is a flight operated by another company, you must make the change through their Customer Services Centre


You can make the change of name here...


What do you do if you don’t know who to transfer it to? You can list your booking on SpareFare! SpareFare is a platform which allows you to sell your unused flights to other people and recover some of the money you had paid for the flights. SpareFare provides buyers and sellers fraud protection to ensure security.


Where can I sell my Vueling  flight?

You can sell your flight on SpareFare. We are like eBay for travel reservations, with the added benefit of secure transfers and expert customer support. Click here to sell your flight.


In this blog post, you can learn more about how selling your flights on SpareFare works.

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