Can I cancel my hotel reservation? 


Have you made a reservation with that you can no longer use? Whether or not you are able to cancel is up to the terms and conditions of the hotel you booked with, not Check the cancellation policies of the hotel you booked with to find out if you can cancel or not. You can find these details in your hotel voucher that you received with your booking confirmation. Some hotel reservations are non-refundable and if you can’t use it, it will result in 100% cancellation charge. If you are able to cancel your hotel reservation you are responsible for paying any cancellation fees. Cancellations and amendments will not be accepted over the telephone and must be made in writing through the website by logging into their 'My Account' page.



Can I change my hotel reservation?


Do you need to make a change to the hotel reservation you made through Whether or not you are able to cancel depends on the terms and conditions of the hotel you booked with, not If you are able to make the change know that it may result in an increase or decrease in the price of your accommodation. If you have a reservation that requires you to pay at the hotel, you are not allowed to make any changes. The only way to change such a booking is to cancel the original reservation and make a new one.


If your booking is made with Expedia, you will be subject to their terms and conditions along with the hotel’s terms. If this is the case you will be responsible for paying any fees that arise from Expedia and the hotel if you choose to cancel or change your hotel reservation. Read further about Expedia’s hotel cancellation in our blog post “Can I cancel a hotel I booked with Expedia? ”



How can I recover more money from my reservation?


Do you have a non-refundable hotel reservation that you cannot cancel? Luckily, you can sell your hotel stay to someone else and receive your refund that way. All you have to do is change the name on your reservation to the person who is buying the hotel accommodation. It won’t cost anything and you can recover some or all of the money you paid for your booking. Hotels allow you to change the name of the main guest under the reservation, which is how a booking is transferred from one person to the other. Neither the hotel, nor will charge you anything for the name change, so you can keep all the money you get form selling your room!


How do I sell my reservation?


First you will have to change the name on your reservation to the person buying your hotel room. Go online to your reservations or contact by phone or email to change the names on your reservation.


I want to sell my hotel but I don’t have anyone who wants to buy it. 


Luckily,  is one step ahead of you.  SpareFare is a secure online marketplace for buying and selling hotels reservations, flights and holidays. We are like eBay for travel with the added benefit of secure exchanges and expert customer support.  Sell your hotel reservation here  on SpareFare.  

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