Can I cancel my Olympic Holidays booking?



If you have booked a trip with Olympic Holidays and you wish to cancel it you have a few options. First of all, Olympic makes it clear under their terms and conditions that they have no obligation to comply with your cancellation request. This seems quite unfair and discouraging. To give it a try and see if they would help you out you can call 020 8492 6799 or email [email protected]. It is important to note that Olympic will charge you for the cancellation and the cost will become more expensive the closer you are to the date of your holiday. This cost will be provided to you on the date Olympic receives your call or email requesting cancellation. 


If an individual member in your party must cancel, the price of your arrangements will increase for the rest of the party who will still attend the holiday. 


Olympic Holidays will charge you the following cancellation charges, depending on when you cancel.


Original Booking Date Cancel 12 weeks or more before the date of the holiday Cancel 12 weeks or less before the date of the holiday
Booked holiday after 1 May 2019 Loss of Deposit + any administration charges incurred or paid. 100% cancellation charges + £2.50 ATOL Protection Charge + any baggage charge & administration charges incurred or paid.


Are you thinking these cancellation fees are too expensive and the policies are super confusing? In fact, they are! Are you wondering if you have any other options to recover more money from your holiday? Read the section “How can I recover more money from my Olympic Holidays booking?” at the bottom of the article to find out how to avoid the unreasonably expensive and confusing cancellation procedure. 



Can I make changes to my Olympic Holidays booking?


If you wish to make changes to your Olympic Holidays booking you can request the change by emailing [email protected]. Unless the change you are requesting is to allow a member of your party to transfer his/her booking to someone else, Olympic makes it clear they have no obligation to make the change. The charges will increase closer to the date of your holiday so it is important to be aware that the change request will be charged by the date Olympic receives your change request. Requests to change your accommodations are not allowed if you wish to make this request 7 days or less before the date of your holiday.  


It is likely that you will be unable to change certain aspects of your holiday package.  Generally, you will be unable to amend flight details. If this is the case and you still wish to make a change to the flight, you will be charged 100% cancellation charges, have to rebook your flight and pay any cancellation fees from the airline and Olympic. 



How much will it cost me to change my Olympic Holidays booking?


If you are permitted to make changes by the terms and conditions of the supplier you are responsible for paying Olympic’s amendment charge which is outlined in the table below on top of any additional charges from the supplier. 


Number of days before departure

Amendment charge
More than 70 days

£35 per person per detail changed

70 days or less £50 per person per detail changed


Important Note: If Olympic agrees to change your travel dates to another season you are responsible for paying and administration fee of £40 per person, the charges outlined above and change fees charged by the suppliers. 


Does changing your Olympic Holiday sound like a headache? It sure gives us one! It is awfully expensive too! Luckily you have another option. You can sell your holiday get a refund that way and save yourself the stress and money of changing your holiday. Read the following section to learn how to sell your holiday.



How can I recover more money from my Olympic Holidays booking?


If you feel like cancelling or changing your holiday will cost you a ridiculous amount of money, you’re right! Plus, Olympic creates a strong message in their terms and conditions that they are not obligated to make any cancel or change requests. Why deal with a company that doesn’t make your satisfaction a priority? You will end up paying more than you anticipated to cancel or make changes to your booking. You may lose most or all of the money you paid for your holiday and have to pay fees on top of that. It’s quite unfair! Luckily, you have another option! You can sell your holiday to someone else and receive your refund that way! All you need to do is change the names on your reservation to the person you are selling it to and pay the associated name change fees. 


Olympic is obligated to allow you to change the names of the travellers on a package holiday, thanks to the European Package Travel Directive. Sometimes they can do this for the whole booking, sometimes they may not be able to change the names for the flights – this will depend on your airline. You can check our list of airlines, which allow name changes to see if yours does. 


If you have a package holiday but cannot change the name of the flight, you can still change the name on the hotel booking and at least sell that. It is still much better than paying 100% cancellation charges!  



I want to sell my Olympic holiday and get a refund that way, but don’t know anyone that wants it!


Luckily  is here for you!  SpareFare  is a secure online marketplace for buying and selling holidays, flights and hotel reservations. We are like eBay for travel with the added benefit of secure exchanges and expert customer support.  Sell your holiday here  on SpareFare.  

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