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Services included (e.g. suitcases) This is a 30% discount code from LOT Polish Airlines. LOT has an extensive route network. This discount code can be used for any ticket in any of the classes. It only applies to one person. This can save you a lot. For example, for flights with LOT from NYC to Seoul in business, I saw this voucher deducting the price up to 4700 USD. So, if you are to book a business class ticket (can even include 2 long haul flights), this is what you need to save from the price. It also applies for codeshare flights with a LOT flight code. This will not change the number of miles you will earn or the service you will receive. Flight must be purchased on, but bear in mind that LOT airlines has a best price guarantee which pays you twice the difference back even if you have found a lower price somewhere else. The voucher does not apply to taxes and fees. However, it applies to the fare and carrier-imposed surcharges. This will be yours for a minimum of 500USD.

Ticket Type Adult

SpareFare ID 25118

Outbound - Mon, 31 Aug

Inbound - Mon, 31 Aug
Additional information In order to make sure that there is no technical problem, you can message me beforehand with the departure and arrival point as well as the travel class and dates. I can check if the voucher successfully applies and confirm the total deductible amount. I am also ready to help you if you face any difficulty in the future for whatever reason.
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