Liverpool, United Kingdom

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Tue, 14 Jul >

Sat, 18 Jul

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Modlin Airport

Warsaw Design Apartments

Kolejowa 47A, Warszawa
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Dates 14 Jul - 18 Jul

RoomStandard room for 3 guests

Board Room only

Hotel details
Room has 1 bed, 1 sofa bed and we also emailed regarding adding an extra matres for the third person which was confirmed by the hotel via email
No. of tickets 3
Services included (e.g. suitcases) Hand luggage and transfer included in price from airport to hotel

Ticket Type Adult

SpareFare ID 26378

Outbound - Tue, 14 Jul
Liverpool (LPL)
Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI)
Warsaw Modlin Airport

Inbound - Sat, 18 Jul
Warsaw (WMI)
Warsaw Modlin Airport
Liverpool (LPL)
Liverpool John Lennon Airport
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