Sell your travel reservation

Post it yourself

• Estimated posting time: 5 minutes

• SpareFare account is required

• You take care of listing

• Our service is secure and trusted by many travellers.

Assisted post

• ASSISTED POST OPTION CURRENTLY SUSPENDED - Please list the flight yourself

• We will create a SpareFare account for you and post your airline ticket

• Airline account login details are required if needed to view the booking. Use the other option if you don’t want to share those with us.

• We charge comission only if you sell your flight.

Check if you can sell your flight tickets

Contact us if you cannot find it but believe it allows name changes.

For more information check our FAQs

• Listing on SpareFare is free. We won’t charge you anything if your advert sells. SpareFare does not charge you commission for listing your travel reservation yourself.
• Bidding Process - Listings do not have a set price. Buyers will make you an offer, which you are free to accept or reject.

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