Стойност на ваучъра: $4106.29

Дата на изтичане: 31 Авг 2023

Тип ваучър: electronic voucher

Ограничения за ползване: Usually there is no restiction on departure city when you plan your travel, You can use the voucher for yourself, your family or your friends, there is no change name fee.

Допълнителна информация: This is an electronic voucher, the service provider is the Rustic Pathways,the Expiration /Travel by date: August 31, 2023. The voucher could be used for either one or more persons, and valid for both domestic and international travel. Usually there is no restiction on departure city when you plan your travel, but sometimes that may be subject to the Rustic pathways travel program. The voucher usually covers meals, transportation, accommodation and activities + airfare. This depends on the future program location the voucher is used for. The Voucher can be used for either any of Rustic Pathways Student Travel programs or other group travel programs for pleasure. For detailed information please visit https://rusticpathways.com. You may select a chaperoned group flight arranged by Rustic Pathways (if traveling from the United States to an international destination), or you can choose to book your own airfare for travel. You can use the voucher for yourself or your family, and you can also transfer the voucher to as many people as you wish, there is no name change fee when you transfer the voucher to others. Space on Rustic Pathways programs are first-come first-serve. It is suggested to enroll early to assure availability on your preferred program. Some programs fill up as early as October. The Travel Credit is transferable to another traveler. The Rustic Pathways will not assess a transfer fee. Please note: if you also have an airline voucher in your name, the airline’s policy applies. This policy cannot be combined with any other cancellation terms or policies. This Travel Credit has no cash-out value. Any unused portion will be forfeited upon expiration. For more information please call The Rustic Pathways at 800.321.4353, or contact by email at ustic@rusticpathways.com, or visit https://rusticpathways.com.

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09 Юли 2022

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