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Services included (e.g. suitcases) Minimum bid: 500 USD. Since this is a very good offer, higher bids will be prioritized. I will basically book a roundtrip flight for you from the East Coast to Hawaii with United Airlines in Economy Class. You will need to pay for extras such as luggage fees etc. directly to the airline as usual. This offer applies for flights from major cities in the East Coast such as Washington D.C., NYC, Boston etc. You can ask for a flight to Honolulu, Kona, Kahului etc. in Hawaii. It can be from as early as June 2020. Please bear in mind that there is more availability for flights from September and onwards. You have three alternatives: 1. You can ask for a roundtrip flight to Hawaii. 2. You can ask for two one way flights to/from Hawaii. 3. You can ask for a multi-city flight. For example, you may wish to travel from NYC to Honolulu and then return from Kona to Washington. It is okay as long as it is East Coast-HI-East Coast. While you place a bid, send a message to me. In your message, please indicate when you want to fly, from where and to where you need to fly (basically I need information regarding your itinerary). I will then use my systems to search for a flight for you. There are two types of answers you will receive from me in 24 hours after your email: 1. If the unlikely event that there is no availability for the itinerary, I will get back to you with closest alternatives. I will reject your bid and if my alternatives are okay to you, I will ask you to resubmit the bid. 2. If there are flights available, I will accept your bid if the amount is also reasonable. Then, I will ask for your passenger details as well as the payment. I have memberships in various frequent flyer programs and I can easily book award tickets. I will be booking flights to Hawaii for you with my points. You have my and Sparefare's guarantee* that there will be no problem after I book the flight for you. This process is mutually beneficial. The consumer gets a super cheap ticket to a paradise that we all dream visiting, and I get a small payment for the value of my points and service. *Consumer Satisfaction Guarantee: If in any case, a problem occurs after the purchase such as like a flight cancellation that is not under my control, I guarantee you that you will have my assistance. I have knowledge about all of your legal rights in case of any and all unfortunate events such as delays or cancellations. If you ever worry about one of these, you have my guarantee that I will assist you to claim all of your rights, if there becomes any. I will give you my email for any help.

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Inbound - Mon, 31 Aug
Additional information You may ask for any flight on any date.
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