Raleigh/Durham, United States

Raleigh Durham International Airport

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Tue, 23 Apr

Cancún, Mexico

Cancún International Airport

Hotel details
I bought these tickets with my friend and can't go anymore! I'm so sad but the tickets are nonrefundable and I want someone else to be able to go.Stay in Oscar's Cancun Guest House - he's very kind and accommodating! The Airbnb is reliable and close to the hotel district but not so close that you don't get a taste of the local culture.Enjoy the crystal clear blue waters of Cancun and have fun exploring the culture of Mexico. I have lots of research on activities close to where you'd be staying and I'm happy to send it to you! Below is the link to the Airbnb so you can check it out. It's a little small, only one room but it's very clean and cute and you'll be spending all your time out on the town! I hope you get to take the trip I couldn't! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/82460?s=51
No. of tickets 2
Services included (e.g. suitcases) Window seats & standard economy suitcase allowances

Ticket Type Adult

SpareFare ID 10339

Outbound - Tue, 16 Apr
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)
Raleigh Durham International Airport
Cancún International Airport (CUN)
Cancún International Airport

Inbound - Tue, 23 Apr
Cancún (CUN)
Cancún International Airport
Raleigh/Durham (RDU)
Raleigh Durham International Airport
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