Netherland Two-Bedroom Apartments by Royal Stays

1330 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach
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Dates24 Aug - 29 Aug

Roomwill sleep 2 couples for 4 guests

Price to be paid at the hotel£0.00

Board Room only

Name change fee£0.00

Info: Nothing to pay on arrival as we have paid for it. The hotel is owned by RCI Cruises and Resort Holidays. They may take a credit card if you require other services like bar tabs, breakfast etc but as with anywhere in Miami a decent brekkie is available anywhere. We are selling as we own a small healthcare company and have prior business commitments which were unforeseen. The apartment is 2 bed and will suit 2 couples. At £300 per couple for 5 nights we think its a great deal and we hope you have a fabulous time!

Hotel details
Fabulous hotel in the heart of Miami Beach overlooking the pristine golden beach and clear Atlantic Ocean

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