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The Myth that Flight Tickets are Non-Transferable



Regular airlines like emphasizing that their economy tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable because they make their profit from selling business class seats. This leads to most people believing that all airline tickets are non-transferable, while most low-cost and even a few regular airlines officially allow such a transfer via a ...

How to Buy Flights and Hotel Reservations on SpareFare


Welcome to SpareFare – the secure secondary marketplace for travel reservations!


What is SpareFare?


SpareFare connects travellers who want to sell their unwanted flights a nd hotels with buyers looking for travel deals. It is a secondary marketplace designed for travel with verified transfers. The sellers on the platform recover some of ...

Can I sell my flight ticket to someone else?



You can sell your flight ticket to someone else if your airline allows you to change the passenger name. Please note some airlines allow only correction of spelling errors in the name, this is not the same as changing the name to a different person! There is always a fee for ...