Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham International Airport

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Sun, 23 Jun

Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang International Airport

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Preened to perfection, every element of Pullman Danang feels effortlessly refined, from your highly-styled guest room to the reflection ponds and manicured lawns leading down to the beachfront. Your private balcony puts the spotlight on the tropical grounds, with its views over either the gardens, the cashmere white sands of Bac My An Beach, or the infinity swimming pool, where the simplicity of its design adds to the hotel’s contemporary edge. Hours not spent in the sea or pool, can be lavishly squandered at The Nang Spa and in the eating and drinking spaces. On top of all-day gourmet dining at Epice, there’s the pure spa cuisine and locally sourced food of Azure Beach Lounge, in its secluded spot by the sands, and the casual bites and beverages of Infinity Bar, with its eye-diverting pond views and seascapes.
No. of tickets 2
Ticket Type Adult

SpareFare ID 10740

Outbound - Sun, 16 Jun
Birmingham (BHX)
Birmingham International Airport
Da Nang International Airport (DAD)
Da Nang International Airport

Inbound - Sun, 23 Jun
Da Nang (DAD)
Da Nang International Airport
Birmingham (BHX)
Birmingham International Airport
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