5 Travel Mistakes to Avoid



Sometimes we’re so caught up in our travel itineraries that we forget to plan ahead on important matters. Whether it’s your first time traveling or you’ve been countless times around the world, it’s always best to have a mental note on the things you need to bear in mind. Here are five travel mistakes to avoid on your next trip!


Don’t eat near touristic sites


While dining right next to the Colosseum or the Notre Dame Cathedral may seem like an excellent idea at first, it won’t turn out this way by the end of your meal. Sitting down for a meal in a major touristic site will not only increase your bill by an absurd amount, the food will most likely be bad quality too. Whenever you see restaurants with pictures on their menus, high prices and people trying to convince you to take a seat, it’s a big nono! Instead, try finding a place in one of the side streets for better food, ambience and reasonable prices! And don’t forget to check out your favourite blogs for food recommendations.


Don’t exchange money at the airport


If you exchange money at the airport, you will get the worst exchange rates ever. While many websites urge travellers to exchange money at the airport, just take a moment to think about it. It’s simple economics: when demand to exchange money is high and supply to exchange money is low, exchange rates increase. Once you leave the airport, exchange rates will be much better for you and your money! To get the best exchange rates, go to the ATM machine and withdraw your cash from there. 


Don’t flag taxis


There are plenty of alternatives to taxis. From Uber to car sharing and public transportation, there are a myriad of ways you can get around in a city. But taxis are also convenient in many parts of the world. It’s renowned that flagging taxis on the street can be both dangerous and very expensive, depending on where you’re travelling. Some drivers tend to rip tourists off, and unfortunately it’s difficult to get out of those situations. That’s why it’s best to have the taxi company’s number or app downloaded on your phone. Worst case scenario, have a restaurant or hotel call the taxi for you. 


Not informing your credit card company of your travels


Depending on where you’re from and where you usually make your credit card transactions, your bank could block your account if they see abnormal activity. They could think your credit card was stolen and hence freeze your account. That’s not something to look forward to when you’re travelling! Just call them up or check your bank’s website for a “travel notification” link where you can alert them you’ll be travelling. Since you’re there already, inform yourself of any extra charges that could apply like foreign transaction fees.


Not making copies of important documents


While traveling with your passport, ID and insurance policy will make you think you’ve got everything you’ve ever needed, think again. Sometimes – and hopefully this won’t happen to you – things go wrong, things get stolen or lost. And if this were the case with your passport and ID, things could turn bad very fast. Instead, plan ahead, and keep a digital copy of your important documents on an email account that you can access. 


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04 December 2018
Published by SpareFare

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